Bob Griner

Helping Tell Your Story

Bob Griner

Helping Tell Your Story

Humble voices travel further.

— Bob Goff —

About Me

I have been working with organizations and churches in a communications capacity for 25 years. My experience is at fortune 500 companies, mega churches, church plants, non-profits, and the political arena of Capitol Hill.

I am a story teller at heart. I help organizations, and people, achieve their best through effective communication and wise leadership.

My strength is designing and delivering messages to create that “wow factor” that not only draws attention, but compels action.

I am a former corporate communications director and church pastor. I am married and have two sons. I live near Atlanta, GA.


Strategic Planning

I am a strategist.

Very few people take the time to develop strategy, think, and plan through their communication process. Spontaneous Twitter and Facebook posts are a poor substitute for a well developed editorial calendar.

Creating a strategy for your communication messages with appropriate actions and timing is my expertise. I make the results of your communication as predictable as possible.


I am a wordsmith.

As a leader, your strength is your ability to influence others to take action as a result of what you write, say, or do.

Writing compelling articles, stories, presentations, and speeches is my speciality.

I develop words and language, that when strategically placed, brings about the expected actions you desire for success.

Graphic Design

I am a designer.

Great design can be a powerful and moving force! It awakens your senses and generates a positive aura surrounding your brand. 

I create emotive designs that produce passionate action toward your desired outcomes in employees, customers, and followers.

Web Consultant

I am a web consultant and developer.

Compelling copy and emotive design can create an unforgettable first impression on the multimedia platform provided by the web.

I develop a web strategy that gains you new customers and followers, connects you deeper with existing clients, and builds stronger trust with your audience.

Portfolio of Work


Portfolio of Work